Spiral mixers

Spiral Mixers: Industrial Spiral Mixer

Any professional baker needs a reliable industrial spiral mixer, so that they can effectively mix dough to create the bread that their customers love. Spiral mixers are the best choice for this task due to their design. The spiral hook of the mixer kneads the dough as the bowl rotates, or while it is static. It only ever kneads part of the dough at one time, so friction heat is reduced, improving the mix. LF-Logiudice Forni knows how important it is for bakers to have a high quality spiral mixer to use. This is why any spiral mixer produced by LF-Logiudice Forni is made using high manufacturing standards.

Dough Mixers and Spiral Mixers

The high standard of manufacture is just one reason to choose a LF-Logiudice Forni industrial spiral mixer. Any spiral mixer from the range meets safety standards and is reliable and durable. Industrial spiral mixers are available in a range of sizes and they have variable speeds, to meet the needs of all types of professional bread making.

Industrial Spiral and Dough Mixers

Mixing and kneading requirements are not always the same. This is why an industrial spiral mixer needs to be ideal for the job that it has to do. LF-Logiudice Forni produces a range of spiral mixers that allows bakers to meet all of their needs. The IRIS is a fixed bowl spiral mixer that is built to the very latest design specifications. The MASTER PLUS has a removable bowl and combines high levels of safety with high levels of performance. The MASTER MIX_AR is designed for use when heavy duty mixing is required, in an industrial setting. All LF-Logiudice Forni spiral mixers are manufactured to a high standard and are ideal for use for all mixing and kneading requirements in a professional baking setting.