Rack oven

Rack Ovens: Professional Artisan Rack Oven

Professional results are important to any baker who wants to develop and sustain a reputation for excellence. In order to obtain these results, it’s important to have rack ovens that are expertly manufactured to provide optimised heat exchange for impressive baking results. LF-Logiudice Forni recognises the importance of this, having worked with clients for more than 60 years, producing rack ovens that allow them to create impressive bakery products.

Baking professionals want rack ovens that are manufactured to last. They want to have ovens that will continue to make great baking happen for many years. LF-Logiudice Forni rack ovens are created with longevity and durability in mind. They allow bakers to create a range of products, from bread to pastries, while having the peace of mind of knowing that they are using reliable rack ovens that they can trust to get the job done to a high standard.

Not every professional kitchen is the same size, or has the same needs. This is why LF-Logiudice Forni produces a range of different rack ovens. The STREAM-CLASSIC and STREAM PLUS ovens provide excellent performance and perfect baking results. The FOX 10T_LFRC can be used to bake any products and is known for its low energy consumption. The VORTEX_LFRNP is a rotary oven that is manufactured from the highest quality materials. All of the rack ovens produced by LF-Logiudice Forni conform to safety standards and were manufactured in Italy.

LF-Logiudice Forni produces rack ovens that can be used in any professional bakery, to create products that are baked to perfection. Clients can put their baking expertise to use, safe in the knowledge that they are using the best ovens that will help them to produce the best possible results.