Electromechanical control panel, available for all deck oven versions: Ministar, Prime, Kappa, Fokus.

  • The operation of this panel is fully manual.
  • Digital thermostat with which users can set and view the baking chamber temperature
  • Safety thermoregulators that switch the oven burner off automatically at over 300˚C
  • Burner on and off selector; button lights up when the burner is stalled
  • Steam generator solenoid valve control for each individual chamber
  • Steam generator electrical power supply for each individual chamber
  • Steam suction selector to activate the extractor system The extractor starts up automatically when the oven door is open
  • Internal baking chamber lights on and off
  • Digital timer for programming baking time; acoustic signal goes off when finished
  • Emergency button, immediately shuts down all oven functions.

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