Deck oven

Deck Ovens: Electric and Artisan Deck Ovens

Modern bakers, who want to produce a top quality product, need equipment they can rely on. LF-Logiudice Forni produces reliable and high performing deck ovens. A reputable company, with over 60 years in the business, LF-Logiudice Forni prides itself on understanding the requirements of customers and providing the high standard of traditional and electric deck ovens they require.

The traditional deck ovens produced by LF-Logiudice Forni have been a popular industry choice for several decades. They have been joined by examples of the electric deck oven which have all the functionality that is expected from a deck oven, together with the convenience of electric power. The choice of which is preferred is left to the customer.

They can decide to opt for an authentic steam tubed oven which contains tubes of water that are heated causing the water to disperse as steam throughout the oven, for a traditional baking experience. Alternatively, many modern bakers prefer the convenience of heating through the use of electrical elements, and choose an electric deck oven.

Logiudice Forni is proud to present customers with a range of deck oven options to choose from including the PRIME_LF traditional oven that is suitable for baking all types of bread, the KAPPA_LFK which is renowned for producing a high quality, even bake and the innovative electric ENERGY_LFE which has remarkably low operating costs and is a highly reliable electric deck oven.

All of the deck ovens produced by LF-Logiudice Forni provide a high standard of performance, reliability and baking standard. The company has worked with customers for over 60 years, to establish their baking needs, and uses this knowledge to provide traditional and electric deck ovens that can be used to produce a high standard of baked goods in a professional kitchen environment.