Deck oven and Rack oven

Professional bread ovens for excellent results

A professional bread oven that can produce excellent results is a must for any baker. It’s important to be able to rely on a professional bread oven and be sure that any bread which is produced is baked to perfection. In order to make sure that this happens a bread oven needs to be manufactured to a high standard and to be made from high quality materials. LF-Logiudice Forni has been producing professional bread ovens for more than 60 years and is proud to meet these high standards and produce professional bread ovens that reach high levels of excellence.

During its 60 years + in the industry, LF-Logiudice Forni has provided many different customers with high quality bread ovens to fulfil all of their industrial baking requirements. Having over half a century of experience means that LF-Logiudice Forni knows how to use the best production methods and materials to produce top quality professional bread ovens. Every professional bread oven that is produced is designed to have a high level of durability and functionality. This makes the bread ovens that are produced by LF-Logiudice Forni ideal for use in an industrial baking environment.

Professional and industrial ovens

Logiudice Forni knows that not every baker has the same requirements, when it comes to choosing a professional bread oven. Many professional baking environments have a limited amount of available space which is why ovens of a more compact size need to be available. Over the years, LF-Logiudice Forni has developed a deep understanding of the different space, heat and functionality requirements of professional bread ovens. It has put this knowledge to use creating a range of professional bread ovens which are designed to meet the needs of a variety of different customers.